updated list Sept 2009

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updated list Sept 2009

Mesajde verdun » Mie, 23 Sep 2009 18:06

With classes back in session we've begun moving on the project again (everyone seems to take off the summer). Thought I should update the people here who are assisting by providing an updated list of the division commanders as we currently have them. Have left out all notes and dates and present the list by name only:
1 Division
Ioan Dragaline
Iona Anastasiu
Dumitru Stratilescu
2 Division
Constantin Manolescu
Dumitru Cocorescu
Alexandru Socec
Ioan Vladescu
3 Division
Marin Nicolescu
Alexandru Margineanu
4 Division
Constantin Burghele
Grigore Simionescu
Ioan Ghinescu
5 Division
Petre Frunza
Alexandru Socec
Aristride Razu
Constantin Neculcea
6 Division
Constantin Costescu
Nicolae Arghirescu
7 Division
Ioan Istrate
Nicolae Rujinschi
8 Division
Nicolae Patrascu
9 Division
Ion Basarabescu
Nicolae Petala
Stefan Holban
Constantin Scarisoreanu
10 Division
Artur Vaitoianu
Constantin Costescu
Henric Cihoski

Of these 10 we believe that 5-10 may be complete. We are reasonably certain that 1-4 are incomplete.

11 Division
Ioan Muica
Dumitru Cocorascu
Ernest Brosteanu
12 Division
Traian Gaiseanu
Traian Mosoiu
13 Division
Alexandru Socec
Ioan Manolescu
Henric Cihoski
Gheorghe Sanatescu
14 Division
Paraschiv Vasilescu
Henri Cihoski
Gheorghe Sanatescu
Grigore Bunescu
15 Division
Eremia Grigorescu
Paul Angelescu
16 Division
Constantin Anastasiade
Stefan Stefanescu
17 Division
Constantin Teodorescu
Ioan Anastasiu
18 Division
Alexadru Refendaru
Grigore Bunescu
19 Division
Nicolae Arghiescu
20 Division
David Praporgescu

We believe that all ten of these division may be complete, with our biggest concern being 20th Division
21 Division
Nicolae Lambru
22 Division
Aristide Razu
23 Division
Matei Kastris
Traian Mosoiu
1 Vanatori
Ioan Rascanu
2 Vanatori
Aristide Lecca
Marine Division
Constantin Niculescu-Rizea
1 Cavlary Division
Ioan Hrescu
2 Cavalry Division
Gregori Basarabescu
Nicolae Sinescu
Petre Greceanu
Alexandru Constantindi

We believe that all these divisions may be complete, except that we are certain that 1 Cavalry is incomplete.

Would you please look over the list and see if there are any glaing errors or omissions? If there is someone obviously missing please comment so we can begin looking for him.We do appreciate all the help the people at this site have given us already. Thanks much.
Best wishes,
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Re: updated list Sept 2009

Mesajde mirel » Joi, 24 Sep 2009 14:43

about the above list, exactly what kind of informations would you like:
1.when were they on command of those units?
2.who succeeded them?
3.what other details?
4.would you like a complete list of the organizing of the Romanian army based on army corps, divisions...? And during what time period?

And another thing: when is the deadline of the project? As we said before, finding these infos will take quite some time, although I am very eager to search  more and more and more....
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Re: updated list Sept 2009

Mesajde verdun » Joi, 24 Sep 2009 15:26

Basically we're interested in compiling a list of all the men who held command (division level and up) during WWI (August 1916-May 1918 for the Romanians). From that list we are going to try to track down the location of the papers of as many individuals as possible for a database that will be available for scholars. Our deadline for compiling the list is 28 July 2010 (obvious date, right?) so we have some time yet.
The army, army group, corps info is complete. The divisions are not complete. For example (using 1 Infantry Division) we know that Stratilescu took over VI Corps in August 1917, so we need to know who replaced him at 1st Division.
What we are looking for is any name that we don't have. Dates help (and we have several) because they confirm that no one commanded between 2 commanders. Again usng 1 Division we show Dragalina in command until October 1916, then show Anastasiu taking over in October so the chances of someone commanding between them (at least someone commanding for more than a day or two) are slim.
Hope that helps.
Your site has been of great assistance to us already and for that I am appreciative.
Best wishes,
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Re: updated list Sept 2009

Mesajde mirel » Joi, 24 Sep 2009 16:42

do you need any photo of the generals
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